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The one billion users of Facebook across the world make it a cultural, social and economic phenomenon. The significance of the social networking sites to businesses, journalism, social relationships and communication is truly difficult to overemphasize. With over billions of users devoting endless hours to Facebook, it is becoming increasingly popular and crucial medium to …
At times it seems that YouTube is as old as internet technology. Everyone is aware about the first discovering of viral videos. Today, YouTube has become the standalone source for marketers to promote their products and services through video marketing on YouTube. Most of the users today prefer streaming video content prior to making a …

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Why Using Instagram Is Important for Businesses Today

There is a great saying “a picture can speak louder than thousands of words”. So, what can be better way to speak to people about your business than an Instagram Photo! Whether you are in this platform since its conception or new to the game of Instagram, every brand must make use of Instagram if they are serious about resonating with their targeted audiences. Instagram is simplistic and personal platform for sharing experiences and thoughts via videos. This is the platform that has the capacity to connect brands to targeted audiences on more intimate level. All brands and ages of people can benefit from this platform, in regards to marketing.

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Smartphone Devices are Increasing So as Instagram App

Instagram mobile app is popular today and more and more Smartphone users are making use of it on their Smart devices. Since people are becoming digitally advanced these days, they are using Smartphone to accomplish of their chores. Even they prefer socializing online through their mobile phone and hence to leverage this potential you must be on Instagram. App thrives off their mobiles and more people continue to switch to Smartphone and this increases the potential of Instagram to enhance your reach.

More Engagement on Instagram

Businesses would be amaze to know that about 71% of the world population is now engaged with Instagram, of which 26% are adult users. So, this small percentage of followers is far more likely to engage and share your content compared to the larger percentage of people on other social platforms. It is recorded that Instagram delivers the higher engagement rate of over 4% per follower and this is the whopping 58 times more engagement per follower on other social platforms. This increases your likeliness to reach wider customer base at global level if you are on Instagram.

Build Targeted Following with Right Hashtags

If you are on Instagram, then knowing the significance of Hashtags is crucial. Hashtags are the crucial feature on Instagram as it allows the brands to target the marketing to individuals who are directly interested or shown interest in their products and services. Most of the pictures posted on Instagram usually have the option to use 7 hashtags and when your target audience searches for hashtag topics that is related to your business, then there is a higher probability to find your company that deals in products and services the target customer is searching for. This is the effective way to get hold of the target customers directly rather than investing unnecessary time and effort on direct marketing and grabbing attention of customers who are not directly interested in your business.

Instagram Enables you to do Creativity

Instagram is considered to be the visual storytelling application and it comes with multiple choices in filters and color schemes which you may add into your pictures. With right customization you can present your picture in such a way that it tells the entire story of your brand with a visual effect. This is something which is not possible with any other social media platforms.

Youtube – Threat or Boon to our Kids

If you have kids at home you would understand the importance of Youtube in our household. Whenever our kids are cranky are bored or even when not eating food, we come up with the solution of giving them mobile phones with a video playing on the same and voila our kids are engaged for the time being.

Since there are mostly nuclear families, the task of handling the kids lies with the home maker be it a mother or father. In our busy schedules we want to have breathing space due to which we tend seek such shortcuts which are hassle free and can keep our kids engaged.

How is Youtube a Boon?

Have you ever taken care of your kid whole day without Internet or Youtube? If yes then you definitely will agree that it is a gift to us homemakers. There are some benefits of watching Youtube:

  • Keeping your small kids engaged.
  • There are various informative videos which makes learning easy for our kids. Some concepts which are hard to understand by reading can be understood better by viewing a visual content.
  • Students can put up their own constructive videos and get new ideas for the same.

How is Youtube a Threat?

Now when we talk about threats, all of us deep inside our hearts know the truth. This App is ruining our children in some ways:

  • Our children are glued to it day in day out. So much screen time is affecting their eyesight.
  • Modern Medicine also states that watching these aggressive and loud videos effect the mental health of the kids
  • There is no restricted Access on Youtube.
  • Due to no free access there are various contents which are not fit for children.
  • These videos are generally marketing tools which prompt our kids to buy various products.

How can you make Youtube Safer for your Kid?

Let’s accept it. Even if we know that there are adverse effects of watching the videos on Youtube we are helpless when it comes to our children. So let’s try to make it safer for them. To do so we should keep some pointers in mind.

  • Look into the parental controls that the app provides. You can turn off the search history option so that there are no more recommended videos.
  • Limit the Screen Time as much as you can, since even if the content is good, your kids health both mental and physical maybe effected.
  • Sometimes sit with your kids or sneak peek into the videos they are watching. Physical surveillance is always the best.

The problem with Youtube is that it doesn’t have restricted options. Also the content which is uploaded by different vloggers is just ways to earn money. Some of them are only concerned about marketing their videos and their end goal is more views, likes and subscriptions hence the content is not scrutinized. Even in cartoon videos you can see some parody videos being made which have abusive language, vulgar scenes and intense abusive action being shot. This kind of content is not appropriate for the children. Even Youtube itself has agreed to it, they are trying to come up with a solution.

Too much information is also not beneficial. Right Information on the right age and time is what a child should receive. Why not we buckle up and take initiative to reduce the usage of mobiles or tabs by our kids. I know it is not going to be easy and we can have constant headache as well, but what is more important that our kids.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso